Momiji Film


This one day project was to take us out of our comfort zones, and give us new experiences. I thought long and hard as to what I was gonna do, what makes me feel the most uncomfortable and would be the developmental for me as a person|creative. I thought of skydiving, running naked, singing in a choir, speed dating, bingo etc etc, but when ever I imagined myself being my most uncomfortable, embarressed and scared I kept coming up with the same answer: Poetry. I loath poetry, I don’t like to read it, hear it or listen to it. The idea of reciting a poem to a group of poets scares the living shit out of me, and so I decided that that was what I’d do. So I wrote the worst poem I could come up with, and went to the Poetry Cfe in Soho on Thursday night and recited it in front of about 20 other wannabe wordsmiths. I was super nervous and scared, however, after getting up and doing it I felt very elated, and felt slightly bigger and braver after.


The first two images are of Seans film being projected  in the cinema at Spring Projects.

the lower 4 are photos taken from the ongoing show which is a duo, I took the photos of one of the artists work, Barnaby Barford, he re-made porslin figurines to represent more modern depictions of reality. Really great.

London Fashion Week

managed to sneak in to the london fashion week, see some catwalk goodies, and get free stuff!


more on the subject of the homeless, found this phonebox in central London, noone was home, but it did look rather cozy.


Where’s waldo?

this is a frieze film competition i entered during the summer, the idea was to make a movie based on Cormac McCarthy’s 2006 novel The Road.

my idea: simply to illustrate how f*cking hard it can be to fold a map.

WOLF ram opening flyers

So finally we got the date set for the opening of the film. We have been given an amazing space, and it/s going to look great, so all of you are invited! Just download the invitation flyer and put on some nice shoes.

WOLF ram flyer