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I call myself a feminist, proudly. But, in some instances, mainly during a talk or discussion with other people, I have come across a rather large amount of people to whom feminism= dated, nasty backward thinking dyke-ism. That in our day and age that label is unnecessary and just plain old fashioned. aren’t we liberated enough? For those of you who believe this, listen to

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rumours and the power of placebo

yesterday I was telephoned by Luke and given a bollocking about my spread in the magazine. I was told to come in and justify and explain my work. I did. The aim of my work was to see if by simply spreading a rumour about doing something possibly  illegal to a few people in the class, and keeping it very hush hush with the rest of the class, I managed to create a sort of bush fire effect, the end result being Luke finding out, and having me come in. Now in terms of the outcome, my secrecy was perhaps somewhat misdirected, and due to the fact that I didn’t include the magazine team in my plans, they felt as if I was being rude and in effect marginalised myself as a non-team player. The conclusion of the group was to not include my work, basically censoring my piece, with the justification being firstly; that I had not adhered to the rules and regulations stipulated, and should not be included as a penalty. The other objection, which was explained later in the meeting, was that although everybody, now that they understood what I was doing, “really” liked my work, couldn’t include it as it bulked up the magazine, and would in effect cause harm to the spreads  previous to and after my piece. A compromise was made, which was that I photocopied my work, and inserted a censor slip with a short description of why my work wasn’t included.  The end result was better than I hoped it would be, as nobody seeminly hates my guts yet, I got the reaction I had anticipated and I didn’t get thrown out of college.
 All good then.I will elaborate this piece further, and also continue my work on the selfdestrutive magazine, which was my original idea.cheers

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MoMA and Design as Art

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The Boyle Family


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“family failing of philosophers” and “have I been understood?”

these are the first and last that I picked for my magazine spread.

Idea begins to take shape:

 I wanted to create something in the emotion of the words I had been designated. When Nietzsche speaks of the failing philophers he means that when we (mainly the church), refer(s) to man, we tend to think of him as a constant, as though time and space has not changed him.

  He is not eternal, as there are no absolute truths, but rather it is mans duty to be historically aware when dealing with philosophy and to also remain modest in doing so.

I believe that this is also true of art. I find it hard to talk about or relate to my work on any higher level, as my knowledge is so limited on art came from and it’s twists and turns through the history of man, and how my work relates to and evolves within “art”. (Sounding pretentious yet?) The idea of creating some sort of catalogue of our work up to date (with or without some external structure to guide us), although I understand the validity in such an endevour makes me feel slightly off. There is no way around it, it’s a little bit poncy.  Creating a magazine with really cool images that relate really well to the text. Yeah… and?

 Anything I create now, I will look at in 10 minutes and go “Yuck, what a load of old rubbish! Have it destroyed at once!” So I wanted to give the reader a way in which to quickly do just that, destroy it,  when the spreads of the magazine tickle the back of the viewers throat with it’s “coolness”.

 I started of with the notion of chemicals. How could I create a contained timebomb within the magazine, which at the given time would release it’s liquids and melt, burn, sizzle the magazine to smitherins? I called my friend Dr Andrea Sella at the chemist dep. at the UCL and he and I spent Monday testing stuff out on paper. We decided on Pottassium Nitrate, or Salpeter. When applied to paper which is then allowed to dry, any heat, or harsh handling would make the chemicals react and cause the magazine to burn up, (more like smoke up).

 After a chat with the magazine-team about needing to insert the paper myself ( so noone gets hurt), and their choice of not allowing me to, made me change direction. Fire was perhaps not the best idea. (Also, I include in this decision, Frans expression when I told her what I was doing, she looked as if I had just killed a kitten and eaten it raw in front of her)

 So instead I turned back to art and what it does for you,  the viewer.  Maybe instead of destroying other peoples beloved piles of paper, (which is rather harsh and a fire hazard) I could enhance the experience, be it of the magazine or anything else for that matter through the aid of something…. hmm

This is my present position….

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So simple. So quick. It didn’t exactly feel historic. Mike Young took the clear gel capsule that was handed to him and the paper cup full of juice. Down it went….They knew that half the pills given out were placebos. Their chances were 50-50. Please, Young thought, let me be one of the group who got the drug. Across the room, a clutch of doctors, psychiatrists and researchers looked on. Among them was Timothy Leary, Harvard psychology professor and high priest of the budding psychedelic scene….While under the influence, the group participated in a Good Friday worship service. Afterward, they were interviewed in detail about their experiences. The study’s findings about the ability of psychedelics to produce pseudo-mystical states were startling and largely positive, yet the experiment was the last of its kind. By 1970, possession of psilocybin, LSD and other psychoactive drugs was illegal. Harvard had fired Timothy Leary. The research ended and the war on drugs began…

Drugs, are tools–helpful when used properly, potentially lethal if used the wrong way. “A hatchet is a very useful tool but it’s really lousy for parting your hair.” Young is just as concerned as anyone else when he reads about middle-school kids turning on to psychedelics. “One of the great ironies is that this stuff is once again becoming available,” he says. “You have people cooking up batches of LSD in their bathtubs and it’s hitting the streets. It’s there.” What is not there, he adds, is “the wisdom of how to deal with this.” And wisdom he knows, is more than just the contents of a gel capsule. It’s the ability to understand whatever secrets that capsule may reveal.

The Good Friday experiment was the blending of science and religion into the ultimate God experience.

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