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brownian motion

brownian-motion.pngrandom movements

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soundmarking our environment

A soundmark is a sound which is unique to an area.”Once a Soundmark has been identified, it deserves to be protected, for soundmarks make the acoustic life of a community unique” – The Tuning of the World, R. Murray Schafer  IDEA: London is made up of all these sounds everywhere, and a city without sound isn’t perhaps a city at all. Our hearing guides us through markets, the bustling of communters on delayed trains, alarms, horns and the screeching of tyres on tarmack, buildingsite noises, and the sound of birds, rats and newpapers. plastc bags swirling, fizzy drinks being opened, the tearing of crisppackets, buskers, wind, pollution, the themes, laughter, crying, mobile phone banter etc etc.I would like to try to create an open stream of communication with the people and the city through noise, via the game chinese whispers. In an environment where eyecontact is either a direct threat or a flirtatious hopeful, hearing enables us to evaluate and proceed with greater ease through the human made landscape.Spontaniously I went round London Bridge during an entire night, went to a large house party and watched the sunrise, and recorded all the noises accompanying me throughout the night. This week I intent to start recording peoples responses via noise, to the sounds I have recorded, and then have another musician/musicians listen and freestyle, re-interpreting and evolving the music freely. I would like to use as many different noise makers as I can get a hold of, and see where it takes me. so far I want to get a hold of; an entire orchestra jazz musician(S) rock band a capella group drummers something electronic schoolkids in music class rapper(s)any more ideas or contacts for me I’d appreciate muchly!  People related or inspirational to the piece so far:-Karlheinz Stockhausen, check the link, it’s great. It’s a musical piece for/with/including helicopters, in which he mixes string instruments with the sounds of rotating helicopter propeller blades slashing through the air. It’s fantastic.String Quartet for Helicopters“>  also, Ola Simonsson made this film 2001. Musical home improvement 

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