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E-mailed the Wellcome collection regarding contacting the artists responsible for the show, and got an email back saying this;
“Dear Gina,

Thank you for your email concerning our exhibition ‘Life Before Death’. We are very happy to forward your email on to Walter and Beate, together with the attached description of your film.

I am not able to say if or when they will be able to get back to you, as they have been inundated with media attention during the last few weeks,but we will certainly ensure that your message reaches them.

Thank you for contacting us at Wellcome Collection and we wish you well with your work.

Yours sincerely,

Valerie Brown
Visitor Services Assistant”

Wellcome Collection
183 Euston Road
London NW1 2BE

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7611 2222
Fax: +44 (0)20 7611 8258

See http://www.wellcomecollection.org
for information about forthcoming
events and exhibitions and to sign
up for our e-What’s On news.

Next exhibitions:

An exhibition about dying
9 April – 18 May

Crystal structure designs from the 1951 Festival of Britain
24 April – 10 August

The Wellcome Trust is a charity registered in
England, no. 210183. Its sole trustee is The Wellcome
Trust Limited, a company registered in England,
no. 2711000, whose registered office is at
215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, UK.

what lovely people!

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Wellcome collections new exhibition “Life before death”

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poster ideas

am still intending to focus on Londons rough side, pigeons, litter, cctv, grime, pollution, noise, crime stuff like that. Found some really lovely letters, which I like the look of, and might incorporate into my work.

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Mr Welby

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How to contact Dignitas in Switzerland.

Dignitas must be fully informed in advance of a person’s wishes, circumstances, and agree to help. It is not a ‘walk-in’ clinic.

Email: dignitas@dignitas.ch
Website: http://www.dignitas.ch
Mailing address: Postfach 9 – CH 8127 Forch, Switzerland
Telefon: +41-44-980 44 59

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London Poster

Idea nr 1.000.0000



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