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Facilitating destruction!

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work in progress

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A must for the small scale film production company!



I hereby promise that I am, at the time of this audition 22nd of May 2008, of legal age (18 years or over), and am participating in and signing this release form of my free will, and that will be no payment for my time for the day of the Audition (22nd of May 2008).

In consideration of you permitting me to appear in the theatrical motion picture now entitled “I’m dying here” (The picture) and for good and valuable consideration
(the receipt and sufficiency of which I hereby acknowledge), I hereby grant to you the universal and perpetual right to use, and to grant others the right to use, my actual or simulated likeness, photograph, voice, personal characteristics and other personal identification in all manner and media whatsoever in, and in connection with, the Picture
and any other productions associated with named production.
I also understand that there is a videotape being taken of me on this date, the 22nd of May 2008. I hereby assign and authorize the producer and filmmaker Gina Geoghegan the right (All Rights) in and to such videotape. I also authorize said producer and filmmaker, without limitation, the right to reproduce, copy, exhibit-publish or distribute any such videotape, and waive all rights or claims I may have against your organisation and/or its affiliates, Subsidiaries, or Assignees other than as stated in this agreement.
I hereby release you from all liability and obligation of any and all nature whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the exercise of the rights granted above, including, without limitation, from any liability for violation of rights of privacy, publicity, defamation or any similar right. I hereby indemnify you against all claims, liability and expense respecting this Release. I agree that I shall be entitled to no additional consideration as a result of the exercise of the rights granted herein and that you may rely upon this letter in preparing and exploiting the Picture and any other production.

———————————————- ——————————————–
[Signature] [Date of signing]

———————————————- ———————————————
[Print name] [Signature of producer]

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