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WOLF ram opening flyers

So finally we got the date set for the opening of the film. We have been given an amazing space, and it/s going to look great, so all of you are invited! Just download the invitation flyer and put on some nice shoes.

WOLF ram flyer

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Wolf ram

Images from the film I produced during the summer

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Momiji commercial

My idea has been to focus on the relationship between the momijidoll and its owner. What do they get up to after they buy it? What kind of person buys a momijidoll?

How does the doll fit into their lives and enrich them?

By following some of the many momiji lovers around the world, I have collected many different stories.
We have the young male who takes it with him to the cinema
We have the couple who send eachother lovenotes through their momiji
etc etc etc, you get the idea.

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