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Momiji Film

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This one day project was to take us out of our comfort zones, and give us new experiences. I thought long and hard as to what I was gonna do, what makes me feel the most uncomfortable and would be the developmental for me as a person|creative. I thought of skydiving, running naked, singing in a choir, speed dating, bingo etc etc, but when ever I imagined myself being my most uncomfortable, embarressed and scared I kept coming up with the same answer: Poetry. I loath poetry, I don’t like to read it, hear it or listen to it. The idea of reciting a poem to a group of poets scares the living shit out of me, and so I decided that that was what I’d do. So I wrote the worst poem I could come up with, and went to the Poetry Cfe in Soho on Thursday night and recited it in front of about 20 other wannabe wordsmiths. I was super nervous and scared, however, after getting up and doing it I felt very elated, and felt slightly bigger and braver after.


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The first two images are of Seans film being projected  in the cinema at Spring Projects.

the lower 4 are photos taken from the ongoing show which is a duo, I took the photos of one of the artists work, Barnaby Barford, he re-made porslin figurines to represent more modern depictions of reality. Really great.

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London Fashion Week

managed to sneak in to the london fashion week, see some catwalk goodies, and get free stuff!

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